John Williams’ Baritone Band
(Spotlite SPJ CD 564)

Featuring John Williams, and ‘guest’ baritone saxophonists: John Surman, Alan Wakeman, Andy Panayi, Jay Craig, Chris Biscoe, Alan Barnes with Steve Waterman,(flugelhorn and trumpet ) -,John Horler,  (piano) Tim Wells, & Jim Richardson, (bass), Trevor Tomkins (drums)

Four baritone saxophones and a superlative rhythm section and a great deal more besides play music of Gerry Mulligan, Harry Carney and Joe Temperley blended with original pieces. Celebrating the range and diversity of this noble member of the saxophone family.

Three tracks from this CD can be heard on Hear John’s Music on this website.

CD Housman John Williams’ New Perspectives – jazz septet and classical wind quintet
(Spotlite SPJ CD 559)

Featuring, Dick Pearce,(flugelhorn)  Andy Panayi (alto saxophone & clarinet) Pete Hurt, (tenor saxophone and bass clarinet),  Phil Lee, (guitar) Jeff Clyne,(double bass)  Trevor Tomkins, (drums) directed by John Williams (baritone saxophone, bass and contrabass clarinet)  and Jacqui Dankworth, (vocals)and members of the English Serenata.

The combination of spontaneity and rhythmic inventiveness of jazz with the wide textural and dynamic possibilities of the wind quintet proved to be a dazzling musical experience.  The innovative instrumentation results in a rich, warm sonority which is unique in the jazz field.

The band recorded ‘Five Housman Settings and Other Jazz Works’ which was premiered at the Ludlow Festival to celebrate the centenary of the publication of A.E.Housman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’.  This featured  Jacqui Dankworth singing 5 specially commissioned settings of his poems which are included on this CD. This CD was selected by the Sunday Times as ‘the outstanding British jazz release of 1996’.

Three tracks from this CD can be heard on Hear John’s Music on this website.

John Williams’ Tenorama
(Spotlite SPJ CD 572)

Featuring Karen Sharp, Bob Sydor, Renato D’Aiello, Phil Day, Dave Gelly, Don Rendell (tenor saxophone) . John Horler and Mark Latimer( piano),  Jim Richardson & Mario Castronari (double bass),Trevor Tomkins & Asaf Sirkis (drums). Directed by John Williams (baritone & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, recorder)

The tenor saxophone is jazz’s most potent and enduring icon.  Tenorama celebrates its history and its pivotal role in jazz –  the programme pays homage to the ‘tenor giants’ and includes “Prez’s Boogie” (for Lester Young) , “Mr. J.C.” (for John Coltrane) and “Waiting for Dexter” (for Dexter Gordon).

Lively tenor exchanges with trumpet and baritone solos with bass clarinet and even a funky recorder solo! Varied and exhilarating tone colours: incisive, impeccable playing.

Three tracks from this CD can be heard on Hear John’s Music on this website.

These CDs are £11.50 incl. p and p direct from John.

CD coverPete Saberton’s   ‘Year of The Buffalo  (1985) – John Williams Octet
(Spotlite  SPJ532  – vinyl only)

Featuring Martin Speake,(alto saxophone),  Nigel Nash, (tenor saxophone, flute and piccolo), Henry Lowther & Dick Pearce,(trumpet ), Paul Nieman, (trombone), Pete Saberton (piano),  Chucho Merchan (double bass) and Trevor Tomkins (drums)

A jazz suite composed by Pete Saberton, commissioned by John’s annual festival ‘Music at Leasowes Bank’ in 1984. Ronnie Scott described the music:  ‘ This is contemporary jazz music composed and performed by a dedicated and talented group of artistes.  It represents very well the tremendously high standard displayed by today’s young jazz musicians’.

Please note this is available only on vinyl  – £14.00 incl. p and p direct from John.

CD coverJazz and Poetry – In All My Holy Mountain
(Re-stringing the Lyre    RTL201601)

Roger Garfitt, Nikki Iles, John Williams Octet

Hailed by John Fordham in the Guardian as “an imaginative and illuminating addition to the genre“,  In All My Holy Mountain is a celebration in Poetry & Jazz of the novelist, Mary Webb, culminating with Gone to Earth, which she wrote in the First World War. Nikki Iles’s atmospheric score is the perfect counterpart to Roger Garfitt’s poems, taking elements from the English folk tradition and giving them a powerful new jazz identity. It clearly fires the band and draws the best from some of our finest soloists.

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